ARTRANS complies with national and international standards applicable to transformers manufacturing. Our testing laboratory has the necessary capabilities to carry out the full range of electrical tests: routine, type and special test required by the most re-known organizations.

1.National Standards
  a.IRAM 2250
  b.IRAM 2479
  c.Particular standards supplied by customers.

2.International Standards
  a.I.E.C. 60076 and related specifications
  b.ANSI C57.12 and related specifications
  d.Particular standards supplied by customers (PDO, PDOC, BP, PDVSA, OXY, etc)

3.Quality Assurance
  a. Our Quality Assurance System was certified ISO 9002 in 1997 and kept ever since. The certification process was approved by “Det Norske Veritas Quality System”. In 2001, we recertified to meet ISO 9001 Quality Assurance requirements. Likewise in 2013 we got the recertification as per ISO 9001-2008.
  b. Certificate ISO